LinkedIn Labs Resume Builder

Looking for a resume tool worth checking out?  Then hit up LinkedIn Labs’ new way to automate the resume building and update process.   LinkedIn Labs recently released the ability to give people an instant resume by allowing them to convert their already stored data in LinkedIn into a resume.  The information is automatically populated into one of their many preset templates with only a few clicks.  These templates automatically input your previous work experience and all associated data into the formatted categories and lists.  Also offering the ability to add more detailed skills, honors and associations to your resume, the resume builder gives users the full ability to modify, edit and cut parts if they feel they are not up to snuff or don’t properly demonstrate the Captain of Industry traits you are going for.

Once you are finished drafting up your resume you can then go ahead and print and/or publish your resume as a PDF or online.  In the holiday spirit, LinkedIn will even host previous versions of your resume so you really don’t have an excuse anymore for not having a quick way to generate your resume.  Just make sure you keep your LinkedIn profile up to date you slacker.   Check out one of the samples here.

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