Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon Age Fruit Moonshine

Adding fruit to liquor is nothing new but adding fruit to Junior Johnson’s family moonshine recipe is something totally different.  Producing Midnight Moonshine since its owner fell in love with the North Carolina legendary spirit in 1995 (ah, love at first swig), Piedmont distillers’ Midnight Moon, a premium, triple distilled legal moonshine based on Junior Johnson’s legendary family moonshine recipe, forms the foundation of this aged fruit moonshine.

Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon Aged Fruit Moonshine comes in three varieties; Apple Pie, Cherry and Strawberry.  Each begin with the handcrafted Midnight Moon recipe, real fruit is added and then the mix is placed in mason jars by hand where the fruit and moonshine is “aged” in the jar for several weeks to ensure each bottle reach the “peak of all-natural fruit flavor” before leaving the distillery.

I don’t know about you, but I bet that piece of fruit in that bottle at the end of the “aging” process is probably equivalent to the worm in the tequila bottle.  I don’t think you want to be the person to eat it but I’m sure you’ll get quite a buzz from it.  According to the website, Midnight Moon and its varieties can be found at liquor stores across the country.  Leaving the brown paper bag on the bottle when you drink it to give it that moonshine authenticity is up to you.

Price: $20-$30


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