Make Twitter and Facebook More Secure with HTTPS

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Image by Jenica26 via Flickr

Surfing the web can be dangerous. With plugins like FireSheep out there, and idiots who don’t know what they are actually sharing over public Wi-Fi, it’s a great day to be alive if you are a technical person with questionable morals.  So when some of the most commonly accessed sites such as Facebook and Twitter give you the option to use HTTPS, I’m all for it and you should be too.

What is HTTPS you ask? HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP, which is the protocol used to view webpages.  So at its most basic, HTTPS provides additional security by encrypting your traffic when surfing the web.  HTTPS is a way for you to securely exchange information with a website, so you don’t have to worry about anyone trying to listen in or sniff the network traffic coming and going from your laptop.

So how do you enable HTTPS in Twitter and Facebook?  You are asking all the right questions today!  In Facebook, it is as easy as visiting your Account Settings page, select Account Security and you will find a checkbox to enable HTTPS under the Secure Browsing header. Voila!  You are more secure than what you were 2 minutes ago.

In Twitter, go to your Twitter settings page, check the “Always use HTTPS” box, click save and re-enter your password when prompted. Going forward, Twitter will send your data encrypted over the wire, so when you are in a coffee shop you can worry less about folks stealing your information, and more about that hot girl’s spring break photo album on Facebook. 356 pics?  Don’t mind if I do!

Hope this helps.

Hugs and French Kisses,

Mr. FurryPants